Animator, Artist and Storyteller


Thoughtful yet creative. Passionate and engaging. Storyteller at heart.

I have wanted to be an animator since I was 10 years old.

I have a BA in Studio Arts from the University of British Columbia, and I have graduated from the Commercial Animation Program at Capilano University. After working in TV animation production for five years, I went to animate on video games for Disney Interactive.

That's where I got the chance to really explore and find what I love to do — when I got asked to move to the Marketing Creative team at Disney Interactive. By collaborating on full marketing campaigns (TV commercials, music videos, and shareable social content) for the massively popular Club Penguin, and later Club Penguin Island, I had the opportunity to create animated content, and then fully direct video content, from story and storyboards to animation and final compositing. As the team branched into supporting all Disney Interactive mobile games, this allowed me to work on other cool projects, with some amazing brands, like Lucasfilm and Pixar.

My creative approach — whether I work in 2D (Flash, Harmony, Pencil and Paper) or 3D (Maya), whether I'm working on a TV show or a corporate product demo — is there's always a story to tell.

For me, animation isn't about just pretty pictures and strong composition (although that's also important, of course), but rather a way to tell a story in a way that live action just can't. It's a way immerse the audience, and get them to believe in what the characters believe, no matter how fantastic.